Houston and the High Seas: 7 Maritime Festivals and Celebrations to Mark in Your Calendar [Updated]

Houston, with its deep-rooted maritime traditions, isn’t just about ports and shipping. It’s a vibrant hub for maritime festivals and celebrations.

Whether you’re a boating enthusiast, a seafood lover, or just someone who enjoys a good festivity by the sea, Houston has something for you.

Let’s set sail and explore!

The Houston Boat Show

Every year, this festival draws thousands of maritime enthusiasts.

Video credit – John Michael Murphy

With over 1,000 boats on display, it’s not just a show; it’s a spectacle.

Whether you’re in the market for a new yacht or just there to admire the nautical wonders, this event is a must-visit.

Bayou Boogaloo & Cajun Festival

If you’ve got a penchant for Cajun culture, mark your calendars!

This festival brings together the best of Cajun music, dance, and of course, seafood.

Dive into a plate of crawfish as you tap your feet to zydeco rhythms.

Houston Fishing Show

Anglers, rejoice! The Houston Fishing Show is your paradise.

From the latest fishing gear to seminars by seasoned fishermen, it’s all about celebrating the joy of fishing.

And who knows, you might even pick up a trick or two for your next fishing adventure!

Seabrook Festival of the Arts

Who said maritime can’t blend with arts?

The Seabrook Festival celebrates the union of marine life and artistry.

With art stalls inspired by the ocean and workshops on marine conservation, it’s a treat for both art and sea lovers.

Clear Lake Boat Parade

Imagine a parade, but on water!

The Clear Lake Boat Parade is a carnival where boats, decked up in lights and decorations, sail across Clear Lake.

It’s a sight to behold as the water reflects the myriad colors, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

Houston Oyster Festival

Calling all seafood lovers!

The Houston Oyster Festival is a tribute to one of the sea’s most delectable offerings.

Sample oysters from various regions, prepared in a plethora of styles. Raw, fried, or grilled, how do you like yours?

Galveston Island Shrimp Festival

Shrimp is more than just a delicacy; it’s an industry.

And the Galveston Island Shrimp Festival celebrates just that.

With a shrimp gumbo cook-off, live music, and lots of shrimp to devour, it’s a festival that’s both fun and flavorsome.


From boat parades to seafood celebrations, Houston’s maritime festivals are as diverse as they are delightful.

So, the next time you find yourself in Houston, make sure to dive into these nautical festivities!


  1. Is there an entry fee for these festivals?
    • While some festivals have a nominal entry fee, many are free to the public. It’s best to check the specific event’s website for details.
  2. Can I participate in the boat parade with my boat?
    • Absolutely! Just ensure you register in advance and adhere to the event guidelines.
  3. What’s the best time to visit the fishing show?
    • Early mornings or weekdays are less crowded, giving you ample time to explore and attend workshops.
  4. Are these festivals family-friendly?
    • Yes, most of these festivals offer activities and attractions suitable for all ages.
  5. Do I need to bring my fishing gear to the Houston Fishing Show?
    • While you can bring your gear, the show provides ample opportunities to buy or try out new equipment.

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